The history of the slogan t-shirt

The history of the slogan T-shirt

The slogan t-shirt is not your average throwback clothing piece from the Nineties. These T-shirts with statements date back all the way from the Sixties. They have been used as a medium to express politically motivated fashion.

This unique history is currently being showed in The Fashion and Textile Museum in London until may. The exhbition is called 'T-shirt: Cult, Culture, Subversion. The exhibition tells the story of the slogan T-shirt through 200 pieces of clothing which helped express opinions on social and cultural changens. 

It all began in the Sixties when a shop located in Chelsea, London sold slogan t-shirts with a Disney theme. Vivienne Westwood took this a idea a bit further and designed slogan t-shirts who where politically motivated. The slogan t-shirt became really popular in the eighties under the fashion designer Katharine Hamnett. She wanted to design t-shirts with large statements that everybody could read from a large distance. These statements worked on different levels and it was a great example of somebody who was branding himself by wearing one. 


These political motivated t-shirts haven't been away because they can be linked to different situations during history. In 2006 something changed when British fashion designer Henry Holland designed some slogan t-shirts which were funny and put smiles on different people's faces. The t-shirts were fun and provided a way to laugh with the fashion industry with statements like: 'Let's breed Bella Hadid' and 'I'm yours for a tenner Kendall Jenner'. They immediately became very popular and the trend was set.

In recent years we have seen Dior with a collection in 2016 with the famous slogan T-shirt 'We should all be feminists" but also Alexander Wang, Vetements and  DKNY  who used statements in their designs. 

We believe in the power of fashion and the message it can spread. That's why we decided to design a collection with statements in French to spread our message. And there's no better way to express yourself through fashion than in French, right?  Check it out here